Milan museum highlights basic chemicals


Did you know that the Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, in partnership with Euro Chlor partner Federchimica - Assobase, features a section dedicated to basic chemicals, including chlor-alkali chemistry? Inaugurated some eight years ago during the International Year of Chemistry in 2011, the museum builds on the industrial experience of the Lombardy region to talk about chemistry using the activities of the laboratory as well as the objects, exhibits and multimedia supports of this dedicated section that is part of the Materials Department.

According to Federchimica-Assobase, today’s basic chemical industry is an invisible and complex sector essential for life and economic and social development, not only for the production of goods and jobs, but also for knowledge, research and development. The basic chemical industry produces a large part of the basic raw materials for the entire chemical production chain and for almost all other industrial sectors.

The section of this museum aims to situate the basic chemical industry in today's world, which is characterised by countless needs that are too often take for granted: living, caring, communicating, feeding, having fun, etc., which are based on the products of this industry. It also shows the creativity of molecules, processes, reactions, safety, health and the environment. The visitor is invited to follow the flow of chemical transformations that range from raw materials to everyday products and discover the myriad of substances that make up their surroundings. For example, can we get bread from the air? A perfume from oil? Credit cards from sea salt?

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