January 2017 Chlorine Production


With 27,138 tonnes, the January average daily production was 3.1% higher than in the previous month (December 2016: 26,317 tonnes), and 2.4% higher than in January 2016 (26,495 tonnes).

With 200,623 tonnes, the January caustic soda stocks were 2.8% higher than in the previous month (December 2016: 195,226 tonnes), but 42,766 tonnes below the level of January 2016 (243,389 tonnes).

Details of chlorine production and caustic soda stocks in the EU-28 countries plus Norway
and Switzerland in February 2017 are provided in the following tables.

Chlorine production & capacity utilisation - EU 28 + Norway/Switzerland

Month Production (tonnes) Capacity Utilisation (%)
2016 2017 % change 2016 2017
January 821,341 841,277 +2.4 81.9 83.9

Caustic soda stocks (tonnes)

2016 2017
January 243,389 200,623

Further information:
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Footnote to Editors
Some of the totals for each month may vary slightly compared with figures used earlier. Please rely on the most recent information since it sometimes happens that estimates have to be made when data is supplied late by a producer. This is subsequently adjusted when the actual figure becomes available.

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