Magnesium sports wheels on your car are chlorine things!


And yes, this can be the case if your sports wheels are made of magnesium alloy. This strong, lightweight and relatively corrosion-free metal can be produced from the salt magnesium chloride (MgCl2) through a process similar to the chlorine production process: electrolysis.

The magnesium chloride salt is found in high concentrations in the above-mentioned salt lakes and seas. It can also be extracted from sea water by solar-powered evaporation.

But aside from its use in the production ofmagnesium metal, magnesium chloride is an extremely useful and versatile salt. In the U.S. it is used for dust control,stabilisation of roads and ice control. It’s also used in fertilizers, waste water treatment, feed supplements, fireproofing agents, paper production and fire extinguishers. Several medical applications - often skin related - use it. For man, magnesium chloride and its chemical brother magnesium sulphate are food supplements that can strengthen the nervous system and help fight fatigue.

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