Mercury Workshop set for June 2016


Given the pending 2017 mercury phase-out date, many decommissioning operations are presenting challenges in ensuring that workers and contractors remain healthy and safe during such critical work. Therefore, after consultation with the membership, Euro Chlor has decided to arrange an international workshop in CEFIC, Brussels on 28/29 June 2016 to share experiences and best practice on the decommissioning process and the minimisation of mercury exposure during final operations and dismantling.

In addition to the set of presentations on the health, safety and technical aspects of mercury phase out, time will be devoted to discuss with industry experts.

Euro Chlor members only, who deal directly or indirectly with the topic of mercury exposure and/or the decommissioning process, are invited to attend.

Topics to be discussed will include:

  • Safe temporary/ permanent storage and disposal of mercury
  • Cleaning of mercury cell equipment and contaminated areas (e.g. soils)
  • Dismantling and decommissioning of mercury cells
  • How to minimise Hg exposure during final operation and decommissioning
  • Regulatory requirements for emission control

For more information on the event, please contact us via this link.