Michael Träger (VESTOLIT) re-elected as Euro Chlor Chairman


This re-election is the logical consequence of a change in the Euro Chlor statutes to extend the term of the Management Committee Chairman to two years.

Michael TrägerMichael Träger (°1960) is Managing Director (Geschäftsführer) and CEO of VESTOLIT GmbH & Co KG, the largest fully integrated PVC (poly vinyl chloride) production plant in Europe, with capacities of 400,000 tonnes PVC and 250.000 tonnes chlorine per annum. The company is a market leader for applications such as window profiles, floor coverings,
and automotive under body coatings. Michael Träger is also a member of the advisory board (Beirat) of Salzgewinnungsgesellschaft Westfalen mbH & Co KG and Managing Director of Vesto PVC Holding GmbH the affiliate salt company and holding company of VESTOLIT, respectively.

Michael has been involved with Euro Chlor activities for over 11 years now. During his chairmanship he intends to help further develop the new and improved sustainability programme for the coming decade in order to foster and strengthen the achievements of the Chlor-Alkali industry's reputation and its sustainable contribution to a safe and healthy community.

The route towards further improving this balance to create a yet more sustainable chlorine industry is charted, and the second stage of the journey has begun. "We look forward to reporting, over the next 10 years, how the chlorine industry has continued to deliver more for society, from less", Träger underlined.

He obtained both his degree in chemical engineering and PhD at the University of Dortmund, Germany. Before he joined the former Hüls AG Company he had been active in R&D in South Africa and India. Within Hüls he gained experience in the fields of process engineering, quality and environmental management as well as the marketing of polyolefins. His first financial and operational responsibilities in the Chlor Alkali and PVC industry started in 1996 as Head of Administration & Finance (CFO) than COO of VESTOLIT GmbH & Co KG in Marl (Germany).

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