New additions to the ’17 Successes’ family


Today, Euro Chlor, the European federation of chlor-alkali manufacturers, has announced new members of its 17 Successes programme which demonstrates how chlor-alkali helps Europe to work safely, efficiently and competitively.

Over 7500 people are directly employed in making chlorine and caustic soda (chlor-alkali) in Europe with many of the derived products, which we rely on every day, helping to make our lives easier, safer or healthier.

In addition to these chemical professionals, many European jobs also need chlor-alkali chemistry; jobs which would be very different, less efficient or more dangerous without it.

The new '17 Successes' include a dentist using chlorinated disinfectants, a mechanic fixing cars with alkali-purified metals, an architect designing stylish building with PVC and an IT expert keeping us connected with ultra-pure silicon chloride microchips.

These and other successes can be discovered at and via a postcard set, available from the Euro Chlor secretariat.