New best practice advice on handling chloroformates


The Chloroformates Sector Group of Cefic has recently published an advice document on how to safely handle, transport and store drums of the most hazardous chloroformates.

Freely available online the document aims to further improve safety along the entire chloroformates value chain.

Anyone who is interested in this document, or in participating in future group activities, should contact their supplier or the group manager, Richy Mariner at

The chloroformates sector group aims to advance authority understanding and worker safety on this class of toxic and reactive chemical substances used as intermediates in the manufacture of various fine chemicals (e.g. pharmaceuticals) and as reagents in plastic production.

The group is composed of BASF, Framochem/ Vandemark and Saltigo.

The Chloroformates Sector Group are in the Cefic Halogens Cluster which includes Euro Chlor.