New brochure on chloroalkane contributions to Europe's future


A new information sheet has been published by the Chloroalkane Sector Group, a Sector Group of Cefic (CASG). This new document highlights how chloroalkanes can contribute to Europe's green ambitions.

Available via the group's website, the new brochure notes how these life-saving, versatile chemicals not only protect buildings and people from fire but also prolong cutting tool life for strategic aerospace parts and are essential for energy efficient building insulation foams.

The production of chemicals like MCCP and LCCP also leads to high-purity hydrochloric acid for the production of medicines as well as having a role in the wider hydrogen production story - an important energy carrier for Europe's future.

CASG, who work closely with Euro Chlor, are helping to ensure that chloroalkanes are used safely and sustainably. More information on their activities, and on this chemistry, can be found via the group's website.