New digital version of 2017-2018 Industry Review launched


The first ever digital version of Euro Chlor’s Industry Review has just been launched at This 2017/2018 version covers the most important industry information from the past year divided up into five sections – Sustainability, Safety, Regulatory, Manufacturing & applications and About Euro Chlor. These include key stories, figures and updates so take a look now!

As in previous years, a version of the review is also available in print version (this time in a summarised format since the full information is available on the digital version) and as a PDF that can be downloaded from the bottom of

For more information, contact Euro Chlor Communications Manager Catherine Birkner at cab [at]

Your feedback required for Chlor-alkali Industry Review 2017/2018!

Since we are in the process of moving away from print to digital for the the Euro Chlor Industry Review, we would appreciate you spending a few minutes to evaluate this new online version. Click here to complete the online survey or contact eurochlor [at] to give your feedback.