New energy section on the Euro Chlor website


Euro Chlor, the European association of chlor-alkali manufacturers, today presents a new ‘Energy Corner’ on their website.

Energy, mainly in the form of electricity, is a key ingredient in the production of chlorine and caustic soda. Without electricity, there is no transformation of sodium chloride (NaCl, common kitchen salt) into chlorine. The EU’s ambitious plans to drastically reduce CO2-emissions, whilst ensuring affordable and secure electricity supply to all Europeans, result in both opportunities and challenges for our industry.

On the one hand, chlorine remains part of ‘the overall solution’ by (e.g.) being involved in the manufacture of wind turbines and solar panels. However, moving to low-carbon solutions too quickly, bears the risk of creating interruptions to supply and/ or competitive disadvantages due to increased electricity prices. The latter put jobs and investment at risk, especially since chlorine is the basis of many supply chains.

With the new ‘Energy Corner’, the site presents why the industry is so reliant on electricity, why there are technical restrictions in reducing industry's energy consumption and what progress has already been made over the years. The site also provides current and objective information on low-carbon solutions, being regularly updated with new options and success stories.This may help everyone to find the most realistic path to a low-carbon future by 2050.

Interested readers are encouraged to visit the Euro Chlor Energy Corner to discover more on this important topic.