New Euro Chlor Chairman’s video released


In this new animated video on the European chlor-alkali in 2019 and beyond, Euro Chlor’s new Chairman Jurgen Baune (Nouryon) explains that chlor-alkali chemistry is essential to many of the products we all rely on every day to keep us safe, healthy and comfortable. The technical knowledge of our industry and predictable but informed decision making by regulators are key areas in which Euro Chlor is really making a difference to make these chemicals safely.

He reiterates that the chlor-alkali industry’s health is dependent on reliable and affordable energy supplies, and that we want to explore opportunities to use this hydrogen in our communities, transportation and the generation of energy. Finally, he reminds viewers that Euro Chlor is focusing on delivering major sustainability improvements its our ongoing sustainability programme and will continue to support a safe, sustainable and successful chlor-alkali industry for Europe.

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