New document on health aspects of electromagnetic fields


A new Focus on Chlorine Science (FOCS) document has been published by Euro Chlor. It helps to explain the potential health implications of electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

Formed when electric currents pass through metal, electromagnetic fields inevitably form around electrolysis units in the chlor-alkali industry. However, as the media sometimes make a link between certain EMFs and cancer, the current FOCS aims to clarify the situation in our industry. Given the frequency and the strength of the fields that form in electrolysis units, there is little cause for concern. There are however clear recommendations for pregnant workers and those with implanted medical devices.

Euro Chlor has also issued technical documentation and will soon circulate a training presentation that goes into more detail on the subject.

Meanwhile, the FOCS document remains an introduction for those interested in EMFs in our industry and is available for download here.