New Euro Chlor Science Publication on Passive Sampling


A new Focus on Chlorine Science (FOCS) document has just been published by Euro Chlor which introduces the subject of passive sampling and it's potential role in effluent monitoring.

As an environmentally responsible industry, the chlor-alkali sector needs access to tools which help prove that industry efforts to maintain environmental quality are successful.

Passive sampling is one such tool which improves on traditional methods in that it can provide information on how chemical concentrations in aquatic environments change with time and with distance from any discharge point. As the technology also concentrates chemicals of interest, it can help prove that chemicals are at a low level and has value for various regulatory frameworks (such as complimenting water framework directive monitoring).

The document is intended to be a primer for those interested in the technique and its role in environmental analysis and is available to be downloaded here.

FOCS10 Sampling