New Euro Chlor Science Publication on Research Integrity


A new Focus on Chlorine Science (FOCS) document has just been published by Euro Chlor which introduces the subject of scientific integrity and its potential impact on policy making.

Science is responsible for the standard of our modern lifestyles and is the key meeting ground for industry, academia and reguators. However, as scientific research makes its way from the lab through publication to review by committee and eventual implementation in regulation, due to the varying demands placed upon it and the increasing politicisation of the process it is vulnerable to external influence.

In the FOCS document, examples from the chlorinated industries are given alongside ways to ensure that the process remains free from bias and misinterpretation; aiming that such science remains a true reflection of reality and of benefit to all. It encourages the use of external, independent EU-level scientific advisors who can evaluate and monitor the process.

The document accompanies a recent presentation given by the Euro Chlor Executive Director, Dr Dolf van Wijk st SETAC 2016 in Nantes that related how academic and industrial environmental research has the potential to shape regulatory policy.

The document is intended to be a primer for those interested in the technique and its role in environmental analysis and is available to be downloaded here.