New presentation on chloro alkane composition


Find out more in our video!

The Chlorinated Alkane Sector Group (CASG) of Euro Chlor have released a fascinating new presentation that demonstrates the important differences between two chloro alkanes (chlorinated paraffins), SCCP and MCCP.

Some regulators often incorrectly claim that SCCP, a restricted substance in Europe, is often found as an impurity in its distant chemical cousins, MCCP and LCCP. They then use this as a basis to claim that MCCP and LCCP should also be restricted despite their range of essential, life-saving uses.

In this new video the group, with a little bit of chemistry, demonstrates how SCCP (short chain chlorinated paraffin) cannot be found in MCCP (medium chain chlorinated paraffin) or LCCP (long chain). This is particularly important for European producers of MCCP and LCCP who use highly pure starting materials to ensure that the final substance is of the highest standard.

The fundamental difference between these substances is being better understood every day with high-class research taking place at top analytical research facilities in the Netherlands. Such facilities are also being harnessed to show the chemical safety of MCCP in the 'REACH-required testing', which is discussed on the Euro Chlor website.

It is hoped that this will help authorities and scientific committees to better understand the differences between the substances and to prove that chloro alkanes, like MCCP and LCCP, are truly versatile chemicals.

More information on this fascinating subject can be found on the CASG website and the video can be watched here.