New video highlights role of chlor-alkali for Europe's workforce


Euro Chlor, the European chlor-alkali association, has just released their latest video as part of their '17 successes' programme. This initiative highlights the vital role that chlorine and caustic soda play in keeping Europe's workforce safe and making their jobs successful.

Over 7500 people are directly employed in making chlorine and caustic soda (chlor-alkali) in Europe. From these chemical professionals come products that we rely on every day to make our lives easier, safer or healthier. Many jobs also need chlor-alkali chemistry and would be very different, less efficient or more dangerous without it.

Taking '17' as the inspiration (from chlorine's position on the chemical Periodic Table of elements), Euro Chlor present 17 real Europeans, whose success at work is all thanks to chlor-alkali chemistry. The new video sits alongside a postcard which also shows some of the jobs which are assisted by chlor-alkali.

Read more about jobs in the chlor-alkali industry here or read the stories of the 17 successes here.

"The 17 Successes" video