Nobian and Vulcan sign agreement for lithium project


Euro Chlor member ­Nobian and Australian mining company Vulcan have signed an agreement to assess the feasibility of producing lithium hydroxide from lithium chloride in Germany for the European battery and Electric Vehicles (EV) market. Nobian will use its expertise in electrolysis and chloride production to generate lithium hydroxide from lithium chloride, in cooperation with Vulcan. To do so, Nobian will host and facilitate an electrolysis and crystallisation demo plant at its site in Frankfurt, close to the Vulcan geothermal-lithium reservoir sites for the extraction of lithium chloride. The demo-plant will be operated by Vulcan in collaboration with Nobian and is planned to be operational in Q3 2022. Vulcan and Nobian will also discuss chlorine and hydrogen offtakes, which are by-products of the electrolysis process, and jointly assess the feasibility for a lithium plant. Click here for more information.