REACH: all substances managed by Euro Chlor registered in time


The registration was organized by Euro Chlor for all 12 substances the association monitors. These are all produced in quantities of more than 1,000 tonnes per year (High Production Volume or HPV substances).

After having completed the Risk Assessments for each substance, the Risk Management measures have been defined for all the uses of the substances that were included in the registration dossiers.

However, this important phase does not entirely conclude the process. On a dossier level, further work can be expected on the updating and refining of substance uses. Furthermore, new data may require a follow up.

On the organizational side it is clear that companies can continue to buy Letters of Access to the registration dossiers. Here peaks can be expected through the ReachCentrum website before the 2013 deadline for substances with production volumes between 100 and 1000 tonnes and before the 2018 deadline for product volumes of 1-100 tonnes.

The consortia have published the Classification and Labeling information for their substances as guidance for companies that have to notify the C&L before the deadline of January 3, 2011.

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