Spolchemie begins membrane chlor-alkali production at Usti


Euro Chlor member Spolchemie has begun membrane-based, chlor-alkali production at its Usti site in the Czech Republic after decommissioning its mercury-based production plant. Alongside a diaphragm technology plant, the new membrane technology plant will increase the quantity of chlorine, potassium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide produced at the site.

Due to European Union legislative requirements, by the end of this year, mercury-based chlor-alkali production must stop. It will be replaced by one of the remaining chlor-alkali production technologies (which includes membrane and diaphragm-based technologies).

Following the completion of construction of the membrane plant at the end of 2016, and after a period of fine tuning and safety tests, the first production run of these essential chemicals has now been sent to customers.

The official launch of the new plant is planned by Spolchemie for September 2017 and works to clean and fully dismantle the mercury site will complete soon.

As one of the largest regional employers, Spolchemie states that the CZK 1.9 billion (72 million EUR) project is one of their largest ever investments in 160 years of activities.

More information can be found on their website (in Czech).