Successful workshop concludes on chlorinated alkanes


CA workshop2019A recent workshop on chlorinated alkanes at the VU Amsterdam has concluded that more work is needed to advance the science on testing chlorinated alkanes (chlorinated paraffins).

Organised by researchers at the university and the Euro Chlor Chloro Alkane Product Group (CAPG), experts from academia, regulatory authorities and industry gathered to discuss the state-of-the-art with regards to the analysis of chlorinated alkanes. Discussions covered the need for new reference and standard materials, the current capabilities of analytical equipment and the results of recent regulatory testing in Europe.

These chemicals are used as flame retardants and plasticisers but some, such as the short chain chlorinated paraffins, are restricted under European law. Often, these short chain variants are often mistaken for the less harmful medium and longer chain variants, meaning that correct analysis and identification is essential to ensure that limited authority resources are not wasted.

Chris Howick (INOVYN), chairman of the CAPG, welcomed the open discussion on chlorinated alkanes highlighting that our industry will increase its support for researchers by providing materials for comparison and correct identification.