The new Euro Chlor corporate identity


Over the past 23 years, Euro Chlor and its partners have established the organisation as the credible and responsible voice of the chlor-alkali chemicals industry. Our joint efforts
have given us influence and leverage. We are a respected communications partner and a source of information for governments, decision makers, scientists and journalists. While continuing this role, we feel it is time to increase the awareness of the benefits of chlorine and the chlorine industry. We will demonstrate chlorine's key role as a chemical building block to make a wide range of products for everyday life, increasing our safety and comfort. We want our stakeholders to understand that chlorine is essential for their cars, laptops and smart-phones, their energy-saving construction materials, medicines, their sports equipment and many more everyday products. Our three-year communication plan will focus on chlorine, especially in the first and second year. In the third year, the focus will shift and add other aspects like the chlorine co-product caustic soda.

The new logo

We have designed a new look to match our goals and ambitions. The look includes a new logo, new colours and new visual guidelines. It will ensure that our communications remain fresh, intriguing, friendly, recognizable and educational.

The different elements of this new look and feel will be easily associated with Euro Chlor, enhance each other and help to generate a positive impression of chlorine. The elements of the new identity will help to make chlorine and the chlorine industry accessible to a wider audience. The goal is to make chlorine an accepted, natural and almost mundane part of everyday life.

The new Euro Chlor logo presents an evolution rather than a revolution. We have retained the green and yellow of the old logo and incorporated those colours in a fresh, new way. We have also included the number 17 in the logo, reflecting chlorine's position in the periodic table of elements. For those who are aware of the association with 17, the visualisation of the number will help link the Euro Chlor brand to the logo. Those who are blissfully unaware of the meaning of the 17 will be intrigued. They will be inclined to ask the question - What does the 17 stand for? - raising their awareness of both chlorine and Euro Chlor. By the way, 17 is the position of the element chlorine in the Periodic System of the Elements.

So, chlorine is quite a natural thing!

View a short animation on the Euro Chlor logo and baseline.

The new baseline

Euro Chlor's former baseline was: 'Representing the Chlor-Alkali Industry'. While it has accurately reflected the role of Euro Chlor since its establishment, the baseline focuses on the lobbying role of the organisation. It does not necessarily contribute to a positive image of the element.

As Euro Chlor's identity and personality are now well established, we feel it is the right time to move to a different, catchy baseline. We need a statement that breathes positivity and makes people smile. It needs to raise awareness and to answer a number of questions. Although the Euro Chlor baseline is not needed for any commercial purposes, what we are looking for is the sort of relevant and credible positivism that is reflected by an iconic baseline.

These ideas have been distilled to create a new, friendly and smile-evoking baseline for Euro Chlor: It's a chlorine thing. In addition to its inherent advantages in terms of likeability, this baseline also shows great versatility. It can be used as a signature as well as a headline. It can be used as a sign-off in letters, advertisements, research results or even official documents. The apparent light-heartedness of this baseline should not compromise the intention, credibility or purpose of our new communication plan. Quite the contrary. It will simply enhance and reinforce the identity of Euro Chlor's messages.

New communication tools

Over the forthcoming months and years, the existing communication efforts will be extended with the creation of a special, chlorine dedicated website, an electronic newsletter, catchy videos (YouTube type) and more.

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