Transportation? It’s a Chlorine Thing!


In the newest video from the European chlor-alkali association, Euro Chlor, caustic soda, chlorine and their derived chemicals are shown to have a major role in helping us get around safely. From Polyurethane shoe soles and seat padding, PVC prosthetic limbs to titanium aeroplane wings and hybrid car batteries; all are thanks to chlor-alkali.

The video joins other ‘Chlorine Things’ films on Euro Chlor's YouTube channel. This series shows how chlor-alkali chemistry is vital for many everyday items and that a safe, sustainable and successful chlor-alkali industry is essential for Europe.

The movie also complements Euro Chlor’s ’17 Successes’ programme, highlighting how many European jobs rely on chlor-alkali for safety and efficiency.

The video can be viewed here.

Watch the video here.