VESTOLIT Sales Channel for all Mexichem Resins in Europe


The Mexichem S-PVC products are manufactured by the Mexichem General Resins Business Unit in its different production sites.

VESTOLIT is part of the Mexichem Business Unit Specialty Resins. The Mexichem S-PVC products will be distributed through a central warehouse in Belgium, ensuring a regular and reliable supply to our European customers. The material is available in packed or bulk delivery form.

VESTOLIT has a long tradition in creating customized solutions, thanks to combining extraordinary support services with excellent technical service provided from the headquarter in Marl, Germany. The distribution of Mexichem S-PVC gives VESTOLIT the opportunity to complete the range of S-PVC grades as well as an increased availability of product.

The strategy of Mexichem is to be a regular supplier in the European market in terms of regularity, reliability and commercial behavior. VESTOLIT is a European market player with excellent knowledge and service if it comes to PVC. VESTOLIT will provide this recognized service level and technical expertise also for the Mexichem Suspension PVC products.

Contact: Daniel Verhoeven, Head of Corporate Communications, Specialty Resins,
tel. +49 2365 49-4352, e-mail daniel.verhoeven [at]