Vynova supports local medical care near its production sites


In the fight against COVID-19, Vynova has supported local medical care in Tessenderlo (Belgium) and Wilhelmshaven (Germany).

In Tessenderlo, Vynova has made several donations of personal protective equipment to hospitals, retirement homes and medical professionals in the region. The donations included protective suits, safety goggles, gloves and face shields.

In Wilhelmshaven, Vynova supports the local hospital by storing 4,000 litres of bio-ethanol on its site. The bio-ethanol is used by the Wilhelmshaven hospital to make much needed hand sanitizer for its medical staff. Safe storage of such quantities of hazardous substances is not possible on the hospital premises, so Vynova has helped out by storing the bio-ethanol and setting up a hazardous goods transport service to transport the containers to and from the hospital.

Vynova produces PVC, which is used in a wide range of healthcare applications, including oxygen masks, medical tubing, nasal cannulas and catheters. The company also produces caustic soda, an important basic chemical used among others in detergents and cleaning agents, as well as potassium derivatives, used in the synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients, and sodium hypochlorite, highly needed for disinfection purposes.