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The Architect

Pelle is a student architect with a vision for future living.

“I want to add value to the community, and not just do project development. I want to develop my own, distinct vision”.

Pelle’s interest in the built environment and engineering trends has taken him to sites in the UK, Germany and France. In 2017 he led a ‘week of architecture’, organising workshops, exhibitions, lectures and films for fellow students.

Never a man to rest, in his spare time Pelle is a keen volleyball player - and trainer - with a local team.

But for now his time is devoted to studying “I’m often still working at 3am. It’s sometimes tough, but will be worth it to see my vision realised.”

565,000 architects work in Europe.* They can rely on materials like PVC and polycarbonate to add support, structure and style to modern buildings and polyurethane insulation to increase energy efficiency.

These modern polymers are all made using chlor-alkali chemistry!

Discover more about how Chlorine Things keep us comfortable in our homes in this video.

*2014 Federal Chamber of German Architects data