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The IT Expert

We all know the feeling. A blank screen. A missing file. An unresponsive smartphone. Who do you turn to?

If you are lucky, Tuan will be there with a smile. "It’s the human interaction I like about my job," he says. "I know everybody in the office”.

Tuan and his colleagues keep computers, software and the internet functioning for an office of 200 people. A typical day includes planned upgrades as well as urgent helpdesk support.

Mostly self-taught, Tuan uses his natural curiosity to find solutions. He appreciates IT because of the way it enables us to get things done: “Whatever your passion, IT can help you achieve it! As a simple example, I like cooking and whatever I want to cook, I can find a recipe for it online immediately”.

Another of Tuan’s passions is music. As a multi-instrumentalist, he uses technology to make multi-tracked recordings. “Without IT, this would not be possible...”.

Not that he has much time for leisure: someone as knowledgeable and practical as Tuan is in high demand. “My family and my friends all call me when they have problems with their laptops" he laughs. "It means I am always kept busy, but I am very happy to help!”.

In 2016, 8.2 million people worked as IT specialists across the European Union* and chlor-alkali chemistry helps them do their jobs. From PVC cables with chlorinated alkane plasticisers and fire retardants in, to computer chips made of silicon chloride, an extremely pure form of silicon; chlorine things keep us connected.

What other chlorides are used in modern communications? How about neodymium trichloride enriched data cables that lie deep beneath the sea!

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*Eurostat 2016 data