17 Successes

The Police Officer

If you should call the police services in Belgium, this face may well be the first on the scene. Serving his community for over 13 years now, he has had several satisfying moments throughout his career.

An example of this is finding a lost child and reuniting them with their parents, "these are moments you never forget" he says.

But there are more challenging aspects to the job. "There is undoubtedly violence around - this is why we have protective gear. But because of this the public increasingly appreciates our work. There is so much gratitude in the community. It really makes it easy to get out of bed in the morning!"

Over 2 million police officers across Europe (2007 data, European Commission) keep us safe every day, using chlorine and caustic soda-based protective equipment to help them do their jobs.

Kevlar® body armour is a chlorine thing as are polycarbonate protective face shields to help our police safely ride into action.

Find out how chlor-alkali helps our police to protect and serve here.