Uses & Innovations

Chlorine and alkali chemistry are essential building blocks for the manufacture of numerous products that we rely on every day across Europe and the world. Everyone knows that chlorine enables safe drinking water and healthy swimming pools, but without it most industrial and manufacturing value chains could not exist.

Chlorine and alkali chemistry are both necessary for the manufacture of many of the products that we rely on, including plastics (especially PVC and polyurethane), solvents, medical products and fire protection. Find out more below about the main areas of use, as well as a detailed overview of each product and its end use on the chlorine and caustic soda trees.  An overview can also be seen here.

Chlorine chemistry is also vital for the development of the innovative materials we will need in the future. See examples of these in our Innovation section.

Across Europe, millions of jobs are dependent on the availability of competitively priced chlorine supplies Find out more about 17 of these in our 17 Successes campaign.