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The Mechanic

From trucks to sports cars, Erwin is helping us to arrive on time and in style!

“I always wanted to work with cars – I have been dismantling and reassembling them since I was a child”.

Erwin has been a mechanic since 1982 and seven years ago moved to become a mechanic at a prestigious sports car garage that even James Bond would be proud of!

“Cars are sent from neighbouring countries to be serviced here”. He reuses materials as much as possible, keeping a store of discarded parts: even his reading spectacles are cleverly fashioned from a windscreen wiper blade! “You never know when something will come in handy for a restoration project” he adds.

One current restoration is of a vintage sports car that won the Le Mans 24 hours race. The engine block was rebuilt in the UK, the pistons in Germany, with Erwin engineering replacement gaskets to fit. The car is now worth around €1,000,000!

Outside work Erwin is a devoted father to his daughter, Paulien. Erwin spends his day working on luxurious cars that many aspire to own, but as a family man he sees his role in more practical terms: “My job is to help people get home as quickly and safely as possible”.

From strong and reliable cabling and lightweight aluminium protective frames to comfortable polyurethane seat paddings, chlorine things help mechanics, like Erwin, keep us on the move. European Commission data (DG GROWTH) estimate that nearly 4.3 million Europeans are employed in car maintenance and sales.

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